Download patch 3.9

World of Warcraft 3.9: Pre-Cataclysm

Patch 3.9 it is addition for World of Warcraft, which will adds a lot of content linked with incoming Cataclysmic events, returning of Deathwing and introducing of new characteristics and abilities system. Patch 3.9 will be available a 2-3 month before Cataclysm release. In this patch we could see all terrible world destruction. Players will play in new world with redesigned content for 1-60 levels. But no new content above 80 level will be available.

Patch 3.9 will allow players to see epic and wonderful movie, where story of new Azeroth will be told.

Also in the patch 3.9 the new combinations of races and classes became available. This is perfect news for everyone, who targeted to change their race or factions. Goblins and worgens appears in game after Cataclysm release.

Download patch 3.9

Here are link for downloading patch 3.9:

At the moment no any files of patch 3.9 are ready for downloading. You need to wait a bit.

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