Download WoW

Download WoW
World of Warcraft it is best game ever. This fact is confirmed by different researches, made by popular game magazines. Over 11 millions players every day kill bosses, monsters, loot thousands of items and keys. To start you adventure in World of Warcraft, you must create an account and download WoW client. Despite it is MMORPG, you need to install game client on local computer, which have access to the fast internet. You can get it for free in many places:

  • On official site
  • On torrents
  • In local networks

You also can install by using game disks. After downloading and installing, you have to recieve patches. BlizzardDownloader will do all by itself. So you need to wait a bit and start play. All resources, which are asking for money for WoW download are cheating! It’s free and don’t cost money. By the way getting client in the unknown places as warez-portals, may occurs account loosing because of Trojan horses or malware.

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