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Download WoW Cataclysm

WoW Cataclysm this is a new addon for World of Warcraft. It comes after addon Wrath of the Lich King. In the Cata players will play in the new destroyed world and fight against enemy of the ages — Deathwing. Deathwing and her servants — Twilight Hammer and dragons, naga and deep murlocks and other evil creatures. There are some features:

  • Level cap will increase to 85, which adds 5 additional talent points
  • 2 new races — goblins and worgens who will join to Alliance and Horde.
  • Talents and abilites system will be changed a lot. New 31-points talents will be really fun and usefull, as Ghostcrawler assures.
  • New dungeons and raids, which more harder then WotLK and Burning Crusade raids and instances.
  • A lot of new game content, including new game zones and subzones. We can explore Hijal and a lot of another territories.

You can download WoW Cataclysm on the official site: Go to you account, add beta-key or game-key and then click link. One of most amazing features of new downloader — opportunity to play before all patch updated.

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